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Love Stories - Scarlett and Matt Love Stories - Scarlett and Matt Scarlett and Matt by Mitch Ferris

Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt

Scarlett and Matt wed in May 2024 at The Jackson Ranch by Bannisters. Bride Scarlett shares their love story and highlights from their special day.

How did you meet?

Matt and I met 11 years ago working at a pub in North Sydney. Matt was my manager and we instantly connected. After about a year of back and forth we started dating and the rest is history!

Describe the proposal…

A few years ago, my mum and I were shopping in the strand arcade and I came across a vintage jewellery shop. There was this STUNNING sapphire and diamond ring in the window. I loved that the ring was over 150 years old and already had a history behind it. I knew that if Matt ever proposed I’d love something like that.

A few years later (2022) I went back into the store to buy a piece of jewellery for my 30th. I found a beautiful ring, and it was sitting right next to the blue sapphire ring. I couldn’t believe it was still there!! I texted Matt saying how excited I was that it was still there – by this stage we had talked about getting engaged but no real plans had been made.

I ended up having to take the ring back in to get resized and took Matt with me to show him the engagement ring in person. The lady in the shop was so excited to meet him as I’d mentioned him each time I’d been in over the years. She kept hinting she could help him with a payment plan.

When I went back to pick up the resized ring, the sapphire engagement ring was gone. I asked the lady in the shop if it was Matt and she said with such a serious and sad face, “No I’m so sorry, someone else bought it”.

Fast forward to March 2023. It was my sister’s wedding day and Matt received a call from a private number (he never answers those). The lady in the jewellery shop called him to let him know that the person that bought the engagement ring had bought it back in and she wanted to see if he wanted to buy it before she put it back in rotation. Matt says it was like the universe telling him to get it together, so he put a deposit down then and there.

In June 2023 we went on a trip to Tasmania. As we sat drinking wine, Matt pulled out a blue box that I recognized instantly from the vintage jewellery store.

I opened it and there sat the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring I had seen all those years ago. Matt asked ‘Would you like to me by wife?’.

We cried together and told each other how much we loved each other. It was the happiest moment of my life.
When we got home from Tassie, I contacted a friend to design a ring for Matt with a blue sapphire in it to match mine. I have always known I wanted to propose back to Matt, because I think everyone deserves to feel special and appreciated by their partner. I suggested we go get coffee and breakfast and sit at our ‘bagel spot’. I got down on one knee and told him how much I loved him and how I couldn’t imagine anyone else to spend my life with and asked him to marry me. He was so surprised. Mouth full of ham and cheese croissant he said yes and kept laughing in shock. We spent the rest of the day celebrating.

Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Images by Mitch Ferris

How would you describe your wedding vibe?

Whimsical, pastel, pearly, pink love party.

Favourite wedding moments?

The ceremony was our favourite moment, sharing vows was really special. 

Having photos around the property and some time for just the two of us was really nice and so special. The grounds are so beautiful and the perfect place to take it all in and just breathe for a second.

Speeches during the reception – what an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. The entire atmosphere was so increidble, it felt like everyone was so engaged and we were in our own little love bubble with our 130 guests. The rain made it all the more dramatic.

We’re so glad we had…

Our ceremony was outdoors, we were so unsure if the rain would hold off but it was so beautiful and worked out so perfectly.

We loved having a bag piper for the 10 minutes after the ceremony.

We are so glad we chose a venue that does such amazing food and drinks as well, everything was so delicious.

We are glad we styled the tables the way we did and that we had such a great team helping us bring it all to life, it was a dream.

We wish we had…

I would say sunshine in the morning but I actually wouldn’t change a thing about our day. The only thing I wish I’d done is eat my mains! I was so busy talking to everyone I didn’t eat.

The only other thing would be I wish I’d changed into my second dress earlier.

Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Image by Mitch Ferris

A little about your vendors…

Ally Cooper (celebrant) – Ally was so committed to making the ceremony feel like our own and really took the time to get to know us.

Events by Bex (Event Coordinator) – Everyone needs a Bex in their life, she is such a boss at what she does and made the entire day so seamless. She also styled our reception tables and they looked phenomenal.

Love Thrills (Florist) – WOWWWEEEE, Ange could not have nailed the brief any better than she did. I was blown away with how whimsical, magical and beautiful her pieces were, they looked like little pieces of art spotted around the entire venue.

Mitch Ferris & Byron Martin (Photographer and Videographer) – Mitch and Byron were so good at rallying people for special moments.

What made you choose The Jackson Ranch as your venue?

We wanted a venue that felt like ‘us’, that had it’s own personality and could provide different spaces for all aspects of our celebrations.

Having accomodation on site for our guests was a HUGE win. 

We loved the outdoor space, the rolling grass, kangaroos and stunning gum trees.
Food and beverage were a huge priority. We trusted JR so much knowing it was owned by Bannisters and they already have such a great offering when it comes to food and wine. It did not disappoint.
Booking JR was the best thing we did. We could not fault a single thing.

Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt Love Stories – Scarlett and Matt
Images by Mitch Ferris

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